February 28, 2004


Here we are at the start of Bike Week. After a cold start it is warming nicely. We have been out and about, spreading the word for Custom Chick Choppers and ourselves. We have met some fascinating people along the way. For instance Indian Larry, seen here braving the cold for a smile from Robin and laughing wildly at my purple camo' trousers!
It was an honor to meet him, a true gentleman and wonderfull ambassador for the biking masses.
If you are in the area you can stop by and see us across the street from Arlen Ness on Beach Street.

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February 23, 2004

Daytona, here we come

We are soon heading to Daytona where we plan to cause ripples throughout the biking and web design communities!

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February 17, 2004

The THING has a use!

A colleague at work was able to identify my new possesion, although we still don't know what to call it. You can see a photo of it in use in the extended entry. I'll not show it here just in case others want to try and guess what it is. If you don't want to see the answer, don't click the 'Continue reading.....' link!

It is for holding a wine bottle!


I believe it to be mostly for Red Wine, apparently to let it breathe. Why this is necessary is beyond me. I prefer White Wine. Maybe the fact that the Red Wine that I have consumed had very little contact with air between the bottle and my throat! I'm going to have to get a decent Red to test this theory. Robin will be pleased to hear this as she likes a drop or two of the old vino.
Not too bad for 1 1/2 dollars, eh? (and a good reason for a blog entry to boot!)

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February 16, 2004


Today we were out doing a little shopping and found ourselves in a charitable store selling all sorts of used items. If they had a purple tag on them they were half price. I found the THING on sale for 3 dollars and bought it for half that. Nobody in the store had a clue what it might be or what it could be used for. It stands 8 1/2 inches tall and is 3 1/2 inches wide. It is made of 3/16, plastic coated steel bar, except for the pointed bit which is brass.
Please can somebody tell me what it is?
Can anybody hazard a guess at what it might be for?
Please help me identify this enigma so that I can get some sleep!
Even ludicrous guesses are most welcome!


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February 13, 2004

Tie Dye Dragonfly Design

If you are wondering what has happened to our business site, it is temporarily down due to us changing the host and also who the domain is registered with. Our old host has shut us down and we are waiting for the domain transfer to go through. Until then you can visit tiedyedragonfly.com on the new host, using a temporary link. We are sorry for any problems this might have caused.

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Penguin Bashing #2

Everbody seems to like bashing those Penguins. To save yourselves the problems of broken links and to have the game run faster and harder, go to theYetisports website and download your own copy direct from its creator Chris Hilgert.

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February 10, 2004

You Need a new Browser!

Mozilla firebird has reached release 0.8 and in the process, due to some copyright glitch, has been renamed Firefox.
If you are running a Windows machine, I thoroughly recommend that you grab a copy from the Download page and make it your default browser. It should be a good bet for those running other systems too. Check the Download pages for info for your rig.
What do you mean "But I like Internet Explorer"?
I like steam trains but would never take one if I was going somewhere!

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Random images

If you ever had the pleasure of visiting this site in years gone by, you might remember that the entry to the site used to be through a splash page that displayed a large, randomly chosen image. This was accomplished through use of a javascript that I borrowed from god knows where. I have been playing with that old script, with the intention of using it to swap background images on a page in conjunction with CSS. Needless to say, I failed to get it work and having little time to tinker, decided to look elsewhere.
I came across Hiveware and their very elegant solution to the problem. How to do it was explained very nicely in an article at Alistapart and the ensueing comments section. It might be some time before a version of it appears on this page but you can see it in action at Donkeysandwich.com
Thanks to all for the script.

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February 08, 2004

Punk Blog Track Rock Back?

Just been reading a very interesting article at Emptybottle.org. A bunch of the stuff makes a lot of sense and got me thinking about a post in a similar direction. Then I realised that without as much experience as this writer, I could not do the subject matter justice. I have never really been a member of any blogging society, organised or otherwise, just doing this for my own satisfaction. If you find the occasional piece of inspiration from this page, good for you. If you think I stink, good for you. I could not really care less.
'What about the XFN friendly blogroll?' I hear you ask. It exists because I find it easier to use these links to check for updates at these sites. RSS feeds? They are here if you want them but I am not overly impressed with the programs to use them so far. I find that using a newsreader to keep track of regular reads takes some of the character away from the articles. I like to see what went before and all the little links and other crap that lives on most blogs. Sometimes I even find usefull links. The above link was originally to a 'trackback' enabled something or other and I used it to see if anything happens. I must have used it incorrectly because the link went to an XML page that told me of the lack of a URL, error 1 no less! Here is how the original link looked: Emptybottle.org just in case you want or know how to use it! I have such things enabled here but have no idea if they work or how to use them! Maybe it has something to do with the RSS stuff? I have been assuming that nobody ever bothers doing a trackback to my posts because otherwise, surely I would have heard or seen something? I'll post details of what happens, if anything.
If you have the time and some endurance, read this fellow's blog article and follow as many of the links as you can. These people take this whole blogging thing way more seriously than me but make some interesting points.

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February 02, 2004

Custom Chick Choppers

I want to wish the folks at Custom Chick Choppers the best of luck with their new venture. They are building custom motorcycles specially for women. If you happen to be going to Daytona for Bike Week, stop by and say hi to them and let them know who sent you!

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